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Controlling the Power Supplies Through the Computer

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  -- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2016-10-21

Code for Control

A whole bunch of code is written for interfacing with the power supplies. These have all been written in python and combined into one library called SerialCommands.py this is also currently in the directory ~/Desktop/Haugen/New_Scripts. This library is sort of a collection of raw code and it has a lot of different procedures that can be run. To actually run any of these scripts it is best to run Console.py which takes input from the user, interprets them and then runs the relevant script. This is still being written but is useful for interfacing with the power supplies and arduino, and it offers tab completion and help with the different commands (tells you what commands it accepts and the arguments that those commands take). This is still a work in progress though and is not fully implemented yet.

If you prefer to avoid the Console.py interface then you can do this:

  1. run python
  2. import SerialCommands as ser
  3. run whatever command you want, for example to power on enter ser.Power_On()


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