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Electrical Module Results

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  • Couldn't read 18 and 19, finally found DATR wire was loose (the foot still touching the pad) on chip 19.
  • For first loop of RH (16~20), we always had direction problem. We couldn't get correct IDs for direction 0, but it worked for direction 1. But someday for direction 1 it even didn't work (20 19 18). And it was solved by adding the third long wire (next to the ID bonds) on U3.
  • For direction problem, it was solved by changing LDOD from 1023 to 665. It adjusted the voltage on chips.
  • We noticed that when the module was packed in the shipping box, the chips ID could be captured correctly without chaning LDOD to 665.


It was proved that the module was working well, and the module was shipped out on Mar 6th, 2018! The testing results are attached below.

 -- Charilou Labitan - 2018-01-25



META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_RCPlot_20170920_152657.pdf" attr="" comment="LBL EL-01 50V" date="1517518590" name="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_RCPlot_20170920_152657.pdf" path="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_RCPlot_20170920_152657.pdf" size="557464" user="CharilouLabitan" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_StrobeDelayPlot_20170920_125237.pdf" attr="" comment="LBL EL-01 50V" date="1517518590" name="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_StrobeDelayPlot_20170920_125237.pdf" path="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_StrobeDelayPlot_20170920_125237.pdf" size="454209" user="CharilouLabitan" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_TrimRangePlot_20170920_144428.pdf" attr="" comment="LBL EL-01 50V" date="1517518591" name="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_TrimRangePlot_20170920_144428.pdf" path="ABC130_Panel_D_Hybrid1_HCC20_TrimRangePlot_20170920_144428.pdf" size="3268289" user="CharilouLabitan" version="1"
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META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="01402146-2981-4B01-9B39-1A81B9B156E8.JPG" attr="" comment="LBL EL-01 Broken Hybrid -- Scratch" date="1517518939" name="01402146-2981-4B01-9B39-1A81B9B156E8.JPG" path="01402146-2981-4B01-9B39-1A81B9B156E8.JPG" size="2752555" user="CharilouLabitan" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="B43BFC5B-CF1A-41A5-ACD7-C06D4327C5F3.JPG" attr="" comment="LBL EL-01 Broken Hybrid -- Scratch" date="1517518939" name="B43BFC5B-CF1A-41A5-ACD7-C06D4327C5F3.JPG" path="B43BFC5B-CF1A-41A5-ACD7-C06D4327C5F3.JPG" size="2582766" user="CharilouLabitan" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="IMG00070.JPG" attr="" comment="The damaged pads on the chip" date="1517599531" name="IMG00070.JPG" path="IMG00070.JPG" size="423450" user="MaosenZhou" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Hybrid1.tar.gz" attr="" comment="Testing results for reworked module" date="1520452112" name="Hybrid1.tar.gz" path="Hybrid1.tar.gz" size="6324032" user="MaosenZhou" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Hybrid7.tar.gz" attr="" comment="Testing results for reworked module" date="1520452112" name="Hybrid7.tar.gz" path="Hybrid7.tar.gz" size="6281104" user="MaosenZhou" version="1"
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