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Electrical Module Results

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  • When the bad hybrid is enabled, there is no output for any of the tests (StrobeDelay, 3PointGain, TrimRange, etc.)--even for the working hybrid! (Errors: 'No data to parse ABC130event!' and 'hsio_read_event')
  • Also cannot LDO enable/disable cycle--crashes DAQ
  • The left-handed hybrid works when the right-handed hybrid is disabled in the st_system_config.dat file.


Updates (2/2/2018)

Carl tried to rescue the broken module. He used alcohol to clean the scracthed area. Then Rhonda rebonded the wires in damaged area. Also we noticed two wires on data side and two wires on power side were broken. We fixed that later on. We ran the tests for the module, HCC IDs and chips IDs were captured correctly. And there were output for StrobeDelay test, but the results were very ugly.

  -- Charilou Labitan - 2018-01-25
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