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META TOPICPARENT name="ElectricalPrototypeHybridSeven"

First Electrical Module (ABC130)

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  After flipping the wire bonds we were able to run all of the tests and get results.
If you keep the wire bonds as written in Liverpool's wire bonding diagram, you can use variable 53 in ITSDAQ to do the data inversion.

[e->ConfigureVariable(X, 53, Y)] where X is the module number from the configuration file (first number in the system config line) and Y = 0/1 (0 for normal, and 1 for invert. *This was implemented in ATLYS a116 or later and NEXYS b118 or later.


HV Biasing

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  Checking for glue on the guard ring.
-- Charilou Labitan - 2018-01-17
-- Charilou Labitan - 2018-01-24


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