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ItsDaq Software


ITSDAQ Software

  This is the software for the interfacing with the DAQload (the root script Stavelet.cpp).

This is an update of the SCTDAQ software from the SCT. It is largely documented on the ATLAS TWIKI. I have included some of the useful pages below.

Useful information about ATLYS, including the firmware that is loaded to the board: ATLYS ITSDAQ

Description of configuration file (st_system_config.dat): ITSDAQ Config Files

Description of GUI interface and different tests: DAQ GUI

General page with these links and more: Strips Upgrade DAQ


  • If you cannot communicate with the DAQload:
    • Check that the configuration files correspond to what you are testing
  • If you can get the HCC address but not the chips ID
    • Change the phase of the signals (through root type e->ConfigureVariable(50,2))
  • The script Stavelet.cpp which opens the GUI crashes very often (usually after running about 2 tests)
    • To gain control again when the GUI stops updating enter e->CacheMasks(1) this clears the cache and allows for communication again

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2016-11-17


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