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Right Handed DAQload

Documentation for the DAQload.

Wire Bonding

Wire Bonding diagram for LH hybrid (HCC and ABC) included in HybridRH_Wirebond_Detail_V6.pdf

HV and HVret are not correctly bonded from the board to the hybrid. HV pad and HVret pad on the board (the two red connections shown towards the bottom of the image below) have another pair of pads between them and the board


The initial wire bonding on the RH Daqload has the hybrid connected to these incorrect pads. The image below shows these connections, the two lower wire bonds are connected to the pads closest to the hybrid, when they should be connected to the pads beyond those (one pad right above John's finger, the other is behind his hand, not visible in the image).


This is a difference between the Left hand and right handed hybrids, the left hand is wire bonded to the closer pads for HV and HVret. The right handed wire bond goes over a pair of pads (shown below).



Same problem with minisensor from Left Handed DAQload.

Preliminary Results (2016-10-17)

With the wire bonding changes made to correct the oversized mini-sensor. DAQload seems to be able to hold high voltage now. A series of 3PG tests were run under different conditions (all with dry air running):


(15 degrees)

High Voltage

(-400 Volts)



Input Noise


results (3PG)
no no 70 1500 ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_104506.pdf
no yes 75 1200 ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_105442.pdf
yes no 75 2200 ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_112514.pdf
yes yes 75 1400 ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_113608.pdf
The current was measured during the high voltage ramp up. Since current spikes then settles, each of these current values were recoreded after waiting one minute.



Current (no cooling)

(micro Amps)

Current (cooling)

(micro Amps)

-100 -0.008 -0.004
-200 -0.010 -0.008
-300 -0.024 -0.017
-400 -0.053 -0.041
(After testing for about 10 minutes the current had risen to -0.053 with cooling)

With both cooling and high voltage on I ran Trim Range (after 10 minutes of running it gave an error message but still output a .trim file) then with the trimmed range I ran a 3PG test and a full response curve

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2016-10-11



META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RH5_bonding.JPG" attr="" comment="" date="1476228808" name="RH5_bonding.JPG" path="RH5_bonding.JPG" size="1785515" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="Bonded_RH_Hybrid.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1476228808" name="Bonded_RH_Hybrid.jpg" path="Bonded_RH_Hybrid.jpg" size="690425" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="RH_mini_sensor.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1476228808" name="RH_mini_sensor.jpg" path="RH_mini_sensor.jpg" size="6168176" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="HybridRH_Wirebond_Detail_V6.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476230453" name="HybridRH_Wirebond_Detail_V6.pdf" path="HybridRH_Wirebond_Detail_V6.pdf" size="477082" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="LBL_RH_fix1.jpg" attr="" comment="" date="1476290990" name="LBL_RH_fix1.jpg" path="LBL_RH_fix1.jpg" size="5487846" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="LBL_RH_fix2.png" attr="" comment="" date="1476290990" name="LBL_RH_fix2.png" path="LBL_RH_fix2.png" size="4098746" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_104506.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476728292" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_104506.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_104506.pdf" size="412495" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_105442.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476728292" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_105442.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_105442.pdf" size="413536" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_112514.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476728949" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_112514.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_112514.pdf" size="409944" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_113608.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476729650" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_113608.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_113608.pdf" size="413106" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_TrimRangePlot_20161017_114149.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476730257" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_TrimRangePlot_20161017_114149.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_TrimRangePlot_20161017_114149.pdf" size="604369" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_114627.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476730257" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_114627.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_114627.pdf" size="412113" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attachment="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_115022.pdf" attr="" comment="" date="1476730257" name="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_115022.pdf" path="ABC130_RAL_DLRH5_RCPlot_20161017_115022.pdf" size="449610" user="TomErikHaugen" version="1"
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