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Second Electrical Module (ABC130)

Since the first electrical module got damaged in December, 2017. A second electrical module with v1.1 hybrids (and also v1 power board) had to be made and shipped to BNL. Thanks to previous experience, we were able to make this module much faster. But there were a few changes in terms of assembly, comparing to the first module:

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  • Then a flex of 10 UV LEDs was placed next to the hybrids to cure the glue, which usually takes 10 minutes (to be safe, 30 minutes for second electrical module).

Glue chips onto hybrids

Placed hybrids onto sensor


Placed power board on

High leakage current

We saw very high leakage current for the module, it broke down at 230 V (10 uA). After several tests (removing HV bonds), the problem wasn't related with the combination of hybrids and test frame. So probably it was because the glue between hybrids and sensor was coming to the edge, which caused some short.

  -- Maosen Zhou - 2018-01-30
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