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System Backup

The computer performs a backup to the external hard drive (My Book). This is done using a combination of cron and rsync

Hard Drive

The external hard drive is accesible through \media\atlasstrips\My/ Book\

The hard drive came with some pre-existing directories. The important directories are:

  • Module_itsdaq : A backup of the itsdaq directory for the module made before the update to the panel DAQ system (Jan 23rd 2017)
  • System_Backup: This is the main backup folder. It has 2 different versions of the backup inside
    • daily: The entire ITk directory is backed up every day at 5 AM using rsync
    • weekly: The most recent daily backup is on Friday at 6 AM.

The Code

rsync is used as it only backs up folders that have been changed, greatly reducing the amount of time taken to backup. Currently rsync is set to not delete files in the backup that were deleted in the original, as I am still testing the process (This will be implemented when I decide on a good way to do it).

cron allows rsync to be called periodically. This is done by editing the "crontab" and adding the times that I want the commands to be called.

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2017-02-01


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