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This page summarizes all the troublesome issues and corresponding solutions during module assembly and DAQ tests. It is divided into 2 parts: hardware related and software (mainly DAQ) related. Hardware related, for example, includes high leakage current for HV, chipped chips and so on. Software related, includes capturing incorrect chips ID, errors during tests and so on.

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AMAC on PB not responding properly

  • Description: PB is used to control LV/HV. After configuring AMAC, there is current drop in power supply (which is good); while there is no current change in PS after turning on LV/HV (e->LV/HVOn()).
  • Solution: change the AMAC_SPEED to 1kHz in stlib/amac1.h (0x0010-->0x0020).
  • Update: there might be cross-talk between wires in the I2C connector on FGGA board.
 -- Maosen Zhou - 2018-03-07


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