LBL DAQ setup

The DAQ system at LBL is the same design as other institutions, so the documentation on the ATLAS TWiki should be a helpful reference as well.

Hardware Setup (Current)

Power Supplies


The Keithley power supply provides the high voltage. The HV cable should be plugged in and connected to the chamber. High voltage is only used for testing modules.

The Keysight power supply has two seperate power lines. The LV connection powers the hybrids on the module/panel and is connected to th +6V line. The LV connection should be set to 1.5 Volts and pull around 0.26 Amps per hybrid. The SLVS connection powers the SLVS Buffer Board and is connected to the +25V line. The SLVS line should be set to 4.5 Volts and pull around 0.27 Amps. The middle connection is the grounding for the chamber, this has an aligator clip on the other end that connects onto the metal chamber.

DAQ Components

As of January 2017 there are new components to the DAQ system, beyond the computer, ATLYS, and VMOD-IB. The information for the new hardware (SLVS Buffer and Adaptors) is here :

Hybrid_Panel_DAQ.pdf (General information)

and here:

Hybrid_Panel_Connections.pdf (Specifics about connection)


The DAQ is run through a laptop that is running UNIX


The Atlys board is the main communication between the computer and the panel it is powered with +5V from the HP power supply. Ihas a micro USB connected to the computer, and an ethernet (that then connects to a USB) that plugs into the computer. The ATLYS board is connected to the VMOD-IB connector board. This has the set of wires connected as shown. This connects to the SLVS buffer board. It is important to get the correct orientation of this wire or else the DAQ will not connect.


The ATLYS board is powered from the HP supply. It should be set to 5 Volts.

Module DAQ


The Keysight power supply should be supplying 1.5V to the module, and 4.5V to the SLVS Buffer. No LVDS connector is needed anymore. The rainbow ribbon cable plugs directly into the test frame.

Panel DAQ

The panel power breakout board allows you to power each individual hybrid by attaching only the required wire. It is connected as shown, powering the seventh hybrid on the panel. This is the Keysight LV +1.5V connection. Each hybrid is expected to pull 0.90 Amps. The Keysight Power Supply +6V Line is rated to 5 Amps, meaning that not all 8 hybrids can be powered at once from this supply.

<-- Image of power breakout board connected -->

Connecting to prototypes

Step by Step Guide to Software (DAQload)

The Setup takes 3 different terminal windows. One of which needs to be run as the superuser

  1. You need the correct configuration files for the equipment you are testing. If you have a new .det file place it in ~/ITk/itsdaq-sw/sctvar/config/
    • The st_system_config.dat file will need to be updated as well. It will have multiple similar lines starting with the word Module, some of which are commented out. Make sure that only one line is not commented, and that that is the line that corresponds to the module you are testing.
  2. Open HSIO channel
    • In first terminal window cd ~/ITk/itsdaq-sw/
    • switch to superuser (enter su then when prompted enter password).
    • mkfifo /tmp/hsioPipe.fromHsio
    • mkfifo /tmp/hsioPipe.toHsio
    • You may need to add permissions chmod a+rxw /tmp/hsioPipe.*
    • enter $SCTDAQ_ROOT/bin/hsioPipe --debug --eth eth1,e0:dd:cc:bb:aa:00 --file /tmp/hsioPipe.toHsio,/tmp/hsioPipe.fromHsio
  3. Run the script
    • This is the script to control the power supplies, arduino, and to configure the atlys board. It has full control over them except for pressing the physical power buttons.
    • Flip the switch on the HP power supply (should supply 5V to Atlys board), flip the power switch on the Atlys board (between the power cable and the hdmi input)
    • Press the power button on both the KEITHLEY and KEYSIGHT power supplies so that they are turned on.
    • In second terminal window cd ~/ITk/Power_Supplies/
    • python
    • configure the Atlys board (enter start_atlys)
    • Turn on whatever Environmental Controls you plan to run.
  4. Interface with DAQload
    • open root in third terminal window from ~/ITk/itsdaq-sw/
      • in root run SCTDAQ script ( .x Stavelet.cpp ).
      • when prompted for a name enter any 4 character string, then press 1 to confirm.
      • Two GUI windows should have just opened, use these to communicate with the DAQload.
  5. All Communication with the DAQload happens through the GUI or the root command line
    • From the Capture drop down menu capture the HCC Address then capture the Chip ID.
      • If the HCC Address is returned as 31 then there is no connection between the DAQ and DAQload.
      • If the HCC Address is correct but the Chip ID is incorrect, type in the command line e->ConfigureVariable(50,2) This will change the phase between the signals and often allows capture of Chip ID
  6. Ramp up the High Voltage.
    • Back in the python console run either of the following options:
      • ramp_hv -v -400 -s 10 -t 10 this would ramp the high voltage to -400 Volts in steps of 10 Volts with a 10 second delay between steps (change the values of the arguements as desired).
      • iv_scan -v -400 -s 10 -t 10 this would do the same process but save the voltage and current readings to a data file (and plot the IV curve)

Article text.

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2016-10-12



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