Left Handed Daqload

Documentation for the DAQload.

Wire Bonds and Connections

Full wire bond diagrams for the hybrid (HCC and ABC chip) are included in HybridLH_Wirebond_Detail_V6.pdf

All of the connections on the LH board seem to work fine, the HV filter (region on the board where C1,C2,R4-R8 are located has all the correct components).



Mini sensor is wire bonded to ABC chip and glued to the HV pad beneath it. Mini-sensor was not correctly cut and is larger than it is supposed to be (shown below)


Sensor should have a bond connecting it to the HVret pad (the outer metal pad). Instead the HV and HVret are shorted together, causing us to measure much larger than expected currents.


Not visible in this picture is a small opening on the mini-sensor outer bias ring, where there is an opening to allow the wire bonder to connect to the aluminum. There are four of these on the mini-sensor, one near each corner

picture would be beneficial

Mini sensor was not cut correctly, and as a result is shorting the HV and HVret ring together. To remedy this the HVret ring should be disconnected from ground. The mini-sensor bias ring should instead be wire bonded to the hybrid ground (the open gold pads next to the ABC130 chip). Remove the HVret connection on the other side of the hybrid and connect that pad to the hybrid ground. This should short the grounds together, and leave the HVret ring disconnected from ground (so that it can sit at -400V with the HV pad). This is shown in the following image


Preliminary Results (2016-10-17)

With the wire bonding changes made to correct the oversized mini-sensor. DAQload seems to be able to hold high voltage now. A series of 3PG tests were run under different conditions (all with dry air running):


(15 degrees)

High Voltage

(-400 Volts)



Input Noise


results (3PG)
no no 55 1300 ABC130_HCC_LH_d0b_RCPlot_20161017_141734.pdf
no yes 55 800 ABC130_HCC_LH_d0b_RCPlot_20161017_145023.pdf
yes no 52 1300 & 1800 ABC130_HCC_LH_d0b_RCPlot_20161017_151103.pdf
yes yes 52 700 ABC130_HCC_LH_d0b_RCPlot_20161017_152223.pdf
The current was measured during the high voltage ramp up. Since current spikes then settles, each of these current values were recoreded after waiting one minute.



Current (no cooling)

(micro Amps)

Current (cooling)

(micro Amps)

-100 -0.277 -0.171
-200 -0.405 -0.237
-300 -0.595 -0.313
-400 -0.800 -0.43
(The current at -400 Volts with no cooling fell over the course of half an hour to -0.64, with cooling the current was very steady).

Trim Crashed but still output a .trim file

Preliminary Results (2016-10-26)

With the ability to remote control the power supplies we can now collect the data necessary for an IV scan of the sensor. This is a preliminary result run on the LH DAQload, mostly useful for showing that we have the ability to get this data


This was run with the temperature at 23 degrees and the dewpoint at -20 degrees. Each step in the voltage is 5V and there is a ten second delay between each step.

Stability Test (2016-11-16)

Found a fix for the root script so that it no longer crashes. Ran a set of tests for the better part of the day with no incidents. Included is a plot of the noise on the bonded channels versus time, showing clear stability over many hours.


This was run with no cooling and no high voltage (hence the high noise level). The temperature range over this time period was between 21.5 and 23.5 degrees but no visible correlation between noise and temperature

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2016-10-11


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