Shipment of TM Modules

The thermomechanical modules were shipped to BNL in 2 separate shipments of 5 modules each.

Shipment Boxes

The modules sit inside of a testframe which allows for connection to the DAQ system these are documented on The ATLAS TWiki. There is also a shipping box that is designed to fit around these frames. LBNL produced 15 of these boxes for the US including the plexiglass covers and the 3D-printed spacers.


Test Frame

There are 2 versions of the test frames, there are slim cut and wide cut, these accomodate the 2 different sizes of sensors

Test Frame Spacer

The spacer protects the cover from pressing down on the wire bonds and the powerboard coil. It has spaces to accomadate for the DAQ connections, along with connections for nitrogen along the sides of the box. The 3D model for is included here. This was uploaded to and printed in the "strong flexible" plastic.


The product recieved required a lot of cleaning (multiple hours). There was a lot of dust encrusted over the whole surface and throughout the honeycomb. This was cleaned manually with pushing the dust out, and blowing it off with compressed air.

Suction Pads

The spacer has 4 suction pads that push directly onto the sensor to hold it in place. The original part number for these pieces is "FiPA" however FiPA does not have an American distributer. We selected VacMotion PA06-SIT suction pads.

Using these in the frames showed that they were not tall enough. They were in fact 1mm shorter and therefore did not hold onto the sensor. We cut spacers from tubing and slide them under the suction pads to elevate them above the frame.


Plexiglass Covers

The plexiglass covers were cut from from ESD safe plexiglass with a waterjet. The drawings are included below:


We attached theGCDC X16-1D accelerometer to the side of one of the shipping boxes and measured the acceleration for both shipments.

The config file config.txt

Looking at the data from the shipments we did not see over 7g of acceleration. All of the modules got to Brookhaven without being damaged or falling out of their frames.

-- Tom-Erik Haugen - 2017-06-27


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